Dr. Helen Taylor

Dr. Helen Taylor works with businesses and brands to ensure their long term survival and success. Dr Taylor's leading research, "The Evolution of Complementary Cognition", allows businesses to understand how to run a profitable operation that strikes the essential balance of capitalising on current success and investing in innovative solutions that respond to future customer needs.

Helen has been invited to talk about her research with businesses and groups in the UK and Europe.  She has carried out research to investigate how this theory could be applied at the business leadership level, conducting interviews with leading CEOs and teams in successful businesses like Cisco, Warner Music and Hall & Partners. Building on this she is now applying her expertise to enable businesses to optimise performance and manage change.

Helen Taylor did her Bachelor and Masters degrees at the University College London where she won several awards including scholarship funding. After completing a Sackler Fellowship at The British Museum she won another scholarship to do her doctorate at the University of Cambridge. Her PhD research investigated the emergence of social complexity in humans.

For her subsequent post-doctoral research she developed a new theory of human cognitive evolution which draws on economic and complex systems theory and is evidenced by a range of evidence from cognitive psychology, neuroscience, evolution, paleo-environment and archaeology. 

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